RWD Magazine’s 10 Year Anniversary Party and Exhibition Launch

RWD Magazine invaded the Old Shoreditch Underground inEast Londonto mark their 10 year anniversary! They collaborated with Deca London and Adidas to celebrate UK Music.

The graffiti work was done by ArtJaz. He also was around during the humble beginnings of UK Music. I had the chance to talk to him about his humble beginnings as a graffiti artist. Surprisingly, he too was celebrating 10 years. The magazine even decorated the floor with past issues.

The venue was transformed into an At exhibit and party location. The Art exhibit showcased the photographer’s that have contributed heavily to the personality of RWD Magazine. The exhibition was unique because you saw pictures ofUKartists being seen in a different light. Pictures included pioneer Wiley with his daughter, JME on roller-skates and Tinchy Stryder with his Ruff Squad way before he made it mainstream.  They were also displays of lyrics that were spoken by the likes of Skepta, Devlin and pioneer Dizzie Rascal, who of course brought underground music to the mainstream.

Lyrics from Skepta

Exhibition guides were also distributed for free as well as drinks, flyers and goodies.

In the party room the DJ was spinning the decks. The stage was created to reflect the humbled beginnings of the magazine with use of the bedroom and the kitchen.

Mz Bratt was one of the artists that performed. Her huge hits included Dark, Tear It Down and Bo Selecta. I can remember her appearing on OHTV’s Happy Day Show. Since then, she has gone from strength to strength representing for all talented women everywhere. I’m looking foward to seeing her again. But for now I cherish the quick moment with her when I took this picture.

With Mz Bratt

Heartless Crew took us back to the Old Skool Music with garage. Everyone was enjoying themselves so much that he went off the stage and mingled with the crowd!

Radio 1Xtra’s DJ Target was showing off his DJ skills with the best inUKmusic; From the Underground to the Mainstream. Surprisingly Roll Deep attended the event with J2K! Both artists spat their best bars to date.

DJ Target (BBC's 1xtra)

Roll Deep & J2K

After 10 years, the UKmusic scene has developed it’s own individualistic identity. I can still honestly remember watching Channel U and hearingUKrappers 10 years ago. It was funny cos most of theUKwere listening to US artists. But thanks to the likes of N-Dubz, Ms Dynamite, Dizzie Rascal, Wiley, Artful Dodger and So Solid they have shown that the UK has talent and indivdualism of it’s on kind.


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