London Style Collective: Talks and Show

Lauren and I were privileged to attend the London Style Collective talks and show at the Kitts. Guest speakers on the night were Paul Castelloe and Barbara Hulanicki- the founder of iconic brand Biba.

Barbara Hulanicki- the founder of iconic brand Biba.

After the series of interesting talks about British Fashion, the fashion shows began with pieces of Minky Ha. The designers’ inspiration was taken from his personal experiences. His designs are very artistic, as they make the models to look like walking pieces of art.

Minky Ha

Vanessa Mukasa’s collection is different from the tribal norm, as she decides to mix up tribal prints with embellished sequinned fabrics. Overall, these beautiful pieces can be worn on the street or even to a high-class party gathering.

Vanessa Mukasa

Nicola Chisnall collection is bright, unique and one show stoppers. There are a few pieces we feel that will attract clients such as Beyonce, Nicki  Minaj or even Jaime Winstone. Her DIY experience has contributed to her work.

Nicola Chisnall

Nicola Chisnall

Olivia Tarpey’s collection is one thing- Haute Couture. As stated by the designer herself, all of her pieces are 100% silk with skillful painters that have placed illustrations onto the dress. We feel that some of her pieces should be seen on the red-carpet by celebs. Even one of her models was wearing one of her pieces too. Her model looked absolutely stunning.

Olivia Tarpey

We were shocked to find out that Katasi Kironde,  founder of the London Style Collective is also a designer! Her collection is very sophisticated as she used neat clean tailoring for her pieces.

Susana Bettencourt makes to feel very sexy for the coming season has she decides to make knitwear be more sexy for diverse shapes of women and futuristic also. The designer used her skills of lacemaking to make this collection more than just keeping warm in the coming months.

Susana Bettencourt

While Susana takes a sexy approach to knitwear. Jenni  Allison’s collection was more of a calmer approach. Her collection brings piece to the soul.

Jenni Allison


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