I got a great opportunity on behalf of  the Gifted Campaign to attend the LABELS FASHION SHOWCASE in Shoreditch!

The Runway!

The runway was very long!

The designers collections are rounded up in a gallery. These upcoming and emerging designers aim to take over the fashion world by storm.

Anna Gregory

Her collection has bohomenia roots that has a chilled element with the calmer colour palette of blues, greens and browns. Inspired by her journey to Scandanivia and the book Patterns of Earth by Bernhard Edamier the pieces are made from natural fibres such as silk, cotton, wool and linen.

Schnell Stephens

Her collection was very flamboyant with an glamourous edge. Her Intern Clothing line has surely got some show-stopping dresses that every man and woman must have in her wardrobe. She’s a familar designer at Graduate Fashion Week and her passion for promoting, helping and giving young creatives opportunity to showcase shows that she’s has similar values as Gifted! Discussing with her about the Gifted Campaign has allowed us to have her interested in particpating at our event.
Sylvia Fumudoh
Her take on the fashion eras of the 40’s and 50s makes you want to stand out for the coming season. Her sophisticasted tailoring and clean cuts will sure impress women who want to look classy and feminine. Her craftmanship has even allowed her to make bags too! Her brand Preby Fumudoh, embraces the diversity of feminine body shapes. From the styles to the simple silhouettes. I can see her collection being sold at prestige fashion retailers like Harvey Nicolos or Debenhams.
Marsha Bigby
Marsha Bigby’s RePlexx Design label has got me lusting over some pieces. This collection makes street and urban wear fabolous in heels. Inspired by the early hip hop culture and dance; Marsha uses typical urban basics with sport and high-street fashion silhouettes

making them innovatively orginal with prints and pastel colours. The ‘Kaleidoscope’ Collection is definately a real icing on the cake.
Enuvierhire Orere 
Enuvierhire Orere’s Kiwi-Sumo clothing line, which has a mixture of pop colours and classic shapes. Her collection was fresh but yet timeless. Her brand uses 100% cotton, leather and silk based fabrics. I can see her colletion being worn by fashion-celebrties and models who are diversely different but effortlessly on trend.
Overall, the night ended on such a great high that I also had the opportunity to network with people.

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