Tonight was the night that I ever attended Flavour Magazine’s FLAVOUR LIVE for the first time.  I even invited one of my uni friends to come down. I actually kind of got him a bargain because I placed his name on the guestlist.

First off, on a serious fashion note, the CARGO resturant was very trendy. I saw the rest of the Flavour staff (Leonardo, Denise and her sister) making the most out of the venue. The innovative  was enriched with scented candles around the table and cool music in the background (they were playing Common’s tunes). Being here was like Paradise.

One of my tasks on the night was to make sure that all of the acts get interviewed. RTI and Sam Garrett have already been interviewed before their performances. Speaking about performances, I must begin with new kid on the block Deja Fate. 

He aced his two tracks! I even enjoyed my casual (yet funny) conservation with his management team, who were overall really cool people. Deja Fate is widely known in Essex cos he’s  already performed at the major clubs.

Next up are the R.T.I ladies, a trio that still sound HOT without music.  To mark the event the group treated the audience with 2 accappellas and a remix on En Vogue’s 90’s track ‘Don’t Let Go’.  Watching their perfomance just blew me away. I do believe that they are fully crafted in their talent and don’t need to be on a TV show to prove themselves, they are getting new fans everyday!

Cherri V has done alot in the past year. Ever since she released her first music video called ‘The Show’. She’s looking sweeter than a cherry on a cupcake, with smashing vocals to match. She’s recently just released her EP ‘Shades of Red’ a free download mixtape that follows her elevation to becoming the next R&B Queen in British Music.

Then it was Bianca Simmone. who amazed the audience with her performance of her debut single ‘Pressure’ as well as treating us with an exclusive new track-that I can’t recall right now. I remember seeing her in D’banj’s video where she played his love interest. Despite having fierce dance moves; she was very approachable to have a conservation.

Rapper Pyrelli made the night special because he was going premiere hisnew music video ‘Speakerbox’. Apart from his in-your-face lyrics, the rapper is full of charm. He even shooked my hand and asked for my name despite me working (blush).

Etta Smith took the night to another level because she brought her whole band! She may be the petite lady with beautiful long red locks but her soulful vocals makes me to realise that this girl has got some attitude.

I’d love to tell you about Artcha’s performance but unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance  du to me working. Which is a shame; cos his lyrics were like fire during his video interview.

What really made my night was seeing the STar SEvEN crew and Big Tonne. Unfortunately I never got the chance to see Big Tonne but one of the STar SEvEN members caught me by surprise. Their gratitude made me very humbled has they gave me a CD that they produced. So shout out to STaR SEvEN!

After all of the running around in my pink wedges. I decided to sit down at the end of the night. I treated myself with a piece of chocolate cake that was brought on the night; as some people were celebrating their birthday.I’m now looking forward to the event. I do hope that Bluey Robinson, Encore and Duchess come to the next FLAVOUR LIVE as that will be big!

Overall, a great night! Just a shame that I didn’t have my digital camera to take pictures. But don’t worry pictures will be uploaded on this blog shortly!


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