VOGUE’S Fashion Night Out: 08th Sept

*NEWSFLASH* London’s Fashion Night Out ( http://fashions-night-out.vogue.co.uk/) will be on the 8th of September!
I can still remember the first ever one VOGUE Magazine hosted in 2009. I was completing work experience as a PR Assistant at a German luxury house called ESCADA in London. The PR Manager at the time was Paula Berrera. It was a great opportunity to co-ordinate their event in their store and I was rewarded with my hard work by attending the event!

Every global city in the whole world (Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, Madrid, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, New Delhi, Berlin, Rio de Janiero, Sao Paulo…) will have their fashion stores open from 6pm till late. And the best part is that the biggest names, stars and icons will mingle among  fashion savvy customers!
This is the only time that special designs are sold here. As well as special prizes to be won. So if you’re going, watch out for designers, models and celebrities-as well as designs as they will never be seen again!


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