Demur’s Fashion Networking Soiree

So the must awaited event of the week has finally arrived; the  Fashion Networking Soiree by Demur Magazine. 

The event was anticipated with interesting people.  I began talking with Ja, a stylist/make-up artist who was just volunteering for the day, then it was Fashion 4 Change a project that is run by United 4 Change; a Christian organisation that aims to promote fair-trade, empower people and create awareness about poverty injustice.  After donating and giving so much clothes to their amazing fashion shows, finally meeting both Abigail and Paul was special. Paul was unaware that I was the one that gave them all of those clothes until Abigail explained to him. Next thing you know, they want me to participate in many upcoming projects and events. The innovative aproach of what the project and charity is doing is extraordinary. Already having projects in Kenya using the profit being purchased from their bags (£3.99), t-shirts (£12.99) and funky badges (£1.00) is something that humans should be doing out of compassion.

Then, it was the amazing Alison. blogger for the Afro Hair and Beauty Bible. That girl is on the rise with fashion and beauty after working in Selfridges (which I have been trying to get into for years). We finally exchanged contacts and I told her about a African fashion show that is on the 5th-6th of August.

And finally, the entrepreneurial trio who came up with a interesting drink that is a combination of cocktail and juice called Mixed Ape. In a short space of time, they’ve already brought out 7 flavours! I tried the four samples they brought and I was already in love! Wait, I know what you’re thinking of whether the product will be available in large supermarket chains; the answer is a complete no! This product is only found in off licence shops in the Brick Lane District. The founders are also thinking of selling their products in restaurants and bars. I even suggested that they should set up an pop-up stall in Stratford City as many young people will be coming there. Forever fresh cocktail in an aluminium bottle-what more can you ask for?

And finally, there was Edyta; the person behind those fabolous fashion shows. The lady is so multi-talented as she also does photography. Her work on the charity fashion show (for Save the Children) is still being remembered until this day.

I’ve met new people and enjoyed attending the event. I know that I’ll be in contact with Noreen and everyone in the future!


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