Intern Diary: SPEAK Network – The New Tweet Talker

Back in the SPEAK Network, things were really hotting up as we’ll be moving very soon!!! So as always, the sorting and tidying began once again. I’d suggested to my mentor Sarah whether I can be in charge of the Twitter account. So now tweets will be up regulary.

Today, a new task was to scan all of the photos of the early days of SPEAK from the year 2000 unto the computer. It was amusing going through the photos and looking into the humble beginnings of the organisation.

A video conference meeting was held via Skype. Honestly, this was the first time that I’ve used this software; as I’ve never used it! But I’m fortunate enough to inherit a brand new skill.  Many of the staff were heading off to the sunshine so it was very important to delegate certain tasks as when they return, we’ll be packing off to Bethnal Green!

But the sad part is that we will miss our lovely Cakealicious cafe! Ever since I went on Wednesday this week with Sarah, I’m already in love with their Lasagne and cakes! And now in a short-space of time, I have to leave them (sob). But at least I now know where to go.  Besides, everyone is looking into East London for inspiration; with trendy Brick Lane around the corner and the Olympics happening in a year’s time.

So for two weeks, none will be in the office. However work will be our top priority as Twitter will be with constant updates and e-mails will be checked for the Vocal Training event, which is on the 9th-12th of Sepetmber. Bookings are taken now folks. Join the network now @SPEAKNETWORK on twitter.

The Intern will be back in two weeks! Continuing her journey for a job!


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