Volunteering for Nike’s New Project

The journey to Elephant and Castle was no brainer. This was the second time that I’ve travelled there. Although I was a bit keen to browse the Market as  I spotted a  few trendy fashionable items. Sadly, time was ticking so I had to pass.

The meeting for the Nike Gamechangers was held at SouthBank University’s Techno Park building. Apart from the CRB checking, the meeting was very interesting. There were 4 other new volunteers so it was a great chance for everyone to introduce themselves and found out more about other people.

Project Managers Earl and Cillan were enthusiastic with the whole project; as they work on behalf of a social enterprise called the Active Communities Network (www.activecommunitiesnetwork.org.uk)  where sports and art interests aim to appeal to young people. It’s all about the social benefits of co-ordinating different projects as they have networked with communities from the UK to South Africa. To even give the organisation a better reputation, Nike has given the enterprise funding to conduct the Gamechangers project!  The five of us chose to volunteer because we feel it can benefit us as well as inspire other people to enhance their talents and reach their full potential (sky is the limit). Thus, the Active Communities Network have interacted with primary school children and youth offenders’ alike through tournaments, sport events etc. The best part of it is that there are training courses that we don’t need to pay for. Next week Monday is Peer Mentoring. I’m not sure whether I’ll be available to attend but I’ll decide sooner or later.

Anyways, I’ll end this blog entry by stating the fact that I have a Nike GameChangers t-shirt!  Earl has even given us the boost by saying that there’s the chance to meet the best celebrities in the world right now; so I’ll never know who will turn up this Summer. I just have to leave it in God’s hands and prepare for the unexpected.


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