The Oxjam Takeover is Far From Over

I had an interview few months back for a Marketing Co-ordinator position for Oxjam; a music event that is organised by the global charity Oxfam. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the position as a Marketing Co-ordinator Volunteer BUT what I do have is the opportunity to join the team and participate in organsing the event; as the Manager kept calling my mobile wondering whether I’m still interested.

Oxjam ( is a music event where different regions all over the UK will organise music gigs in over 30 venues, all for music lovers who love their local music talent. This year in the London and South East region include Lewisham, Brick Lane and Brixton (just to name a few as I can’t remember from the top of my head). All of the  Oxjam events always take place in October.

I’ve volunteered to help out with the Lewisham region.  This is a challenging volunteering I’ve ever done as I’ve once again brought myself out of the comfort zone. However, I know that I’ll enjoy myself, create contacts and enhance my skills for the bigger world. Plus, all of the money raised will go to help people who are suffering in the world!!!

I’ll be meeting with the Manager on Friday.  Where we’ll be discussing many things such as the latest updates and what I’d like to be doing with the team.


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