Catch-22’s ‘I HAVE A CHOICE’ Closing Party

For the past year I volunteered for a youth charity known as Catch-22 ( Catch-22 collaborated with Global Radio (Capital FM, Choice FM, Galaxy FM) and Vinspired to create the ‘I HAVE A CHOICE’ Project. I personally, volunteered for the Events Management Position to organise Basketball and other Good Saturday events (e.g. music, fashion etc). I attended to some of the events that the rest of the volunteers and i co-ordinated. Otherwise, I was always working behind the scenes.

Sadly, the project has come to an end. Thus, a party was organised in the Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre to celebrate. It was great to meet everyone; new people as well as Patrick, Chanel, Shae , Zoe…the food was mouth-watering.  

I think that the charity should enhance it’s horizons and get more celebrities on board as ambassardors. At the moment, they’ve had Will Young. But what about artists such as N-Dubz (especially Tulisa), Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk, Plan B, Katy B? (just to name a few) They are aspiring role models for the youth and I can bet that majority of them will be able to relate to them on a deeper level. I think  both parties will find the relationship beneficial in many ways.

I hope they consider my idea as I’ve tweeted via Twitter and Catch-22 have already tweeted it to Tulisa. After reading her story in the LOOK Magazine I now see her as a conqueror, which is why she fits perfectly with what the charity does.

Fingers cross to get her response…unless Catch-22 might have to contact her  PR.


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