Got the Internship with SPEAK

After praying and the cruciating interview, I finally got the job of a Events and Admin intern at SPEAK (

I’m so happy, I just recieved the e-mail today from Sarah. I think they are such a great company that have Christian values whilst fighting for change. Their current campaign include the Big Dress Campaign, Arms Campaign. The charity’s focus s campaigning, lobbying and networking with similar actvists, organisation etc, who want to see fairer, wiser and more ethical ways of doing things.

SPEAK are innovative charity of Christian that consists of a network of people who fight for change andjustice in the world on the basis of Christian values.

My position of an Events and Admin Intern my consists of the following:

1. Planning and Cordinating Events;

  • Ensuring creativity is injected into the event
  • Inviting and liaising with a range of speakers, workshop leaders, artists and performers to build a good programme for our events.
  • Assisting in the practical preparations, eg transport, set-up, preparing necessary equipment
  • Ensuring adequate crew and volunteers are recruited.

2. Assisting with Speak Fundraising systems

  • Developing attractive resources for donors
  • Helping upgrade our current donor management systems
  • Helping us develop exciting new creative community fundraising strategies through developing resources, working on publicity strategies and more.


3. General Administrative tasks

  • Communications work – updating our website, using social media, sending Network emails etc
  • Dealing with enquiries via post, email and phone
  • Maintaining our database system
  • Assisting with the task of reorganising our office systems and preparing to move the office to a new location.

I will be doing part-time two days in the week. Can’t wait! As I’ve always said JESUS IS THE MAN AND THE DEVIL WILL ALWAYS BE DAMNED!!!!


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