Intern Diary- Fresh Strawberry: the Last Day

Well, the time has come to say good bye to the whole staff at Fresh Strawberry(

I was at university completing some tasks on few of the clients blog and . At that time I’ve just sent some blog entries to the CEO Sade as she was planning to launch a company blog site( The company has had a successful year with being the events management for Flavour Magazine’s MISS FLAVOUR 2010 as well as other events.

I recieved a phonecall from Sade, giving me the her gratitude for having me on board on team. Despite the changing conditions of the work environment (meaning that I had to be working from home/elsewhere).

Working as a Personal Assistant for an innovative PR company was amazing. I had the chance to learn more about myself, meet the clients an participate in meetings. I must admit, there were tough jobs too like sample chasing (and being able to begin to walk in heels), but I thank  Sade and the team for one thing, they brought me out of my comfort zone. And now after six- months; I’m back on the job market so for now, I’ll focus on my studies and keep all of their corrections at heart.


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